License Agreement

By installing any Ambi­ent Source prod­uct you accept the fol­low­ing prod­uct license agreement: 

Our Sam­ples are pro­tected by copy­right laws and inter­na­tional copy­right treaties, as well as other intel­lec­tual prop­erty laws and treaties.

1. License:
The license for this prod­uct is granted only to a sin­gle user.
All sounds and sam­ples in this prod­uct are licensed, but not sold, to you by Ambi­ent Source for com­mer­cial and non-commercial use in music, sound-effect, audio/video post-production, per­for­mance, broad­cast or sim­i­lar fin­ished content-creation and pro­duc­tion use.

Ambi­ent Source allows you to use any of the sounds and sam­ples in the library(s) you’ve pur­chased for com­mer­cial record­ings with­out pay­ing any addi­tional license fees or pro­vid­ing source attri­bu­tion to Ambi­ent Source.

This license for­bids any unau­tho­rised inclu­sion of con­tent con­tained within this library, or any any Ambi­ent Source library, into any other sam­ple instru­ment or library of any kind, with­out our express writ­ten consent.

This license also for­bids any re-distribution method of this prod­uct, or its sounds, through any means, includ­ing but not lim­ited to, re-sampling, mix­ing, pro­cess­ing, iso­lat­ing, or embed­ding into soft­ware or hard­ware of any kind, for the pur­pose of re-recording or repro­duc­tion as part of any free or com­mer­cial library of musi­cal and/or sound effect sam­ples and/or artic­u­la­tions, or any form of musi­cal sam­ple or sound effect sam­ple play­back sys­tem or device.

Licenses can­not be trans­ferred to another Per­son, with­out writ­ten con­sent of Ambi­ent Source.

2. Rights:

Ambi­ent Source retains full copy­right priv­i­leges and com­plete own­er­ship of all recorded sounds, instru­ment pro­gram­ming, Graphics,documentation and musi­cal per­for­mances included in this product.

3: Refunds:
Our down­loaded libraries can’t be returned, so we can’t pro­vide refunds.
So please be aware that as soon as you’ve down­loaded it, you can’t return it
lis­ten to the demo’s first.

4. Respon­si­bil­ity:

Using this prod­uct and any sup­plied soft­ware is at the licensee’s own risk.
Ambi­ent Source holds no respon­si­bil­ity for any direct or indi­rect loss or dam­age aris­ing from use of our products.

5. Terms:

This license agree­ment is effec­tive from the moment the prod­uct is installed by any means.
The license will remain in full effect until termination.
The license is ter­mi­nated if you break any of the terms or con­di­tions of this agreement,
or request a refund for any reason.
Upon ter­mi­na­tion you agree to destroy all copies and con­tents of the prod­uct at your own expense.


We don’t use any Anti-Piracy measures.
Because that would be bad for us and you.
We are real­is­tic and know that our prod­ucts will be warezed,
Even though we don’t charge much for our Samples.
We are a very small company…just 2 peo­ple who love doing this
and we hope that you will sup­port us by buy­ing our samples.